Rawson Services, Inc. offers a comprehensive list of services that cover all the vital aspects of tree care. From fertilization to pruning we pride ourselves on excellent customer service and quality results.

Tree Pruning

Whether you have a small or large pile of debris, our crewmembers will make quick work of cleaning it up.

Tree Installation

Our seasoned staff can procure and install container grown and ball and burlap trees.  We also have the ability to take field grown trees, up to 12” in caliper, and install them directly into your property with a tree spade.

Tree Removal

Removal of trees and/or large shrubs is sometimes necessary in the landscape, but it is one of the last options we will suggest.  We recommend removal for the following reasons:

  • dead or declining health
  • crowding with other plant material
  • pest or disease infestation
  • new home construction (footprint of home only)
  • location is a danger to home or other structure
Stump Grinding

Once a tree is removed, don’t be left with an ugly stump left behind.  Our state of the art equipment will grind the stump and leave behind plenty of organic material that can be turned into the soil for added nutrients.

Bush Hogging

We are able to clear underbrush for land development or new landscape installations.  Our crews are able to remove only designated underbrush and not damage surrounding trees, shrubs, or structures.  We maintain a clean work area, leaving no equipment footprints left behind.

Debris Removal

Whether you have a small or large pile of debris, our crewmembers will make quick work of cleaning it up.  Our Vermeer chippers can handle up to an 20 ” diameter tree trunk and the covered trucks keep the chipped material contained.

Organic Fertilization Program

We promote an organic approach to the health of your trees and shrubs.  Our goal is to provide the highest quality fertilizer that can be used by the plants without destroying soil composition or ground water.  All of our products are made in-house, so we know exactly what we are providing to our clients.  Chemical fertilizers may make your plants look great, but they are fast acting and short lived, like processed sugar for the human body.  Our products are long lived in the soil and provide necessary macro and micronutrients to the plants.

Fertilizer Ingredients

We produce our own fertilizer blend, which includes fish and seaweed liquid, compost tea, and liquid peat.  Each of these ingredients has specific benefits to your plants and soil.

Fish Liquid

This liquid contains essential amino acids, which when added to the soil, breaks down into basic nitrogen compounds that plants can readily take up.  Fish liquid also promotes beneficial bacteria to help make soil less compact and better able to drain.

Seaweed Liquid

Seaweed promotes root growth, which in turn creates healthy top growth from you plants.  Seaweed can also pre-condition plants for stress like transplanting, pruning, or weather changes.

Compost Tea

This tea is full of microorganisms including bacteria, yeasts, and fungi plus phenols and amino acids.  These beneficial microorganisms help to suppress plant disease problems and can be applied as a foliar spray or soil drench.

Liquid Peat

100% liquid humus, Liquid Peat, adds humus to the soil without having to incorporate peat moss, compost, etc. by rotto-tilling or digging-in.  Humus can restructure the soil by improving water-holding and water-moderating capacity of all types of soils in the most effective, efficient and convenient method.


We apply our organic fertilizer via soil injection.  Our injector sends liquid fertilizer to the root level, where it does its best work.  90% of the plants root system is in the first 6” – 12” of soil.  Our fertilizer targets this area and feeds the soil to promote vigorous root growth, which, in turn, promotes healthy top growth.  Below are a few sample fertilizer schedules:

Healthy Tree and/or Shrub:
Twice per year (spring and fall)

Tree and/or Shrub in Decline:
Double dose two times in the first year, single dose twice per year for each consecutive year afterwards.

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