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14 Mar Tree Certifications Matter!

When it comes to choosing a tree service in Charleston, tree certifications matter! A tree certification – or several of them – tells you that a service provider cares enough about his business and his customers to keep his knowledge and education fresh. That’s the commitment Rawson Services makes to you!

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scales on tree

26 Nov Scales: Tiny Pests, Big Problem

Rawson Services, Charleston’s premier tree service provider, reminds you that there are pests aplenty that can do damage to your trees, including common critters known as Scales. But there are steps you can take to lessen their effects and, if necessary, contain and correct their damage.
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22 Oct Choosing a Tree Service: Insurance is a Must!

Rawson Services, Charleston’s premier tree service provider, encourages potential customers to do their homework, including a sharp focus on insurance coverage. This includes liability coverage against damage to your property and Workers' Compensation for tree service employees. Why should you insist on these? Let’s discuss...
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19 Sep Choose a Certified Arborist: There IS a Difference!

arborist Arborist or plain old “Tree Guy”? When it comes to tree care, there IS a difference. In Charleston SC, homeowners and property managers have several options when it comes to tree planting, pruning, and removal. But to do these properly takes training – the kind that comes with certification by the International Society of Arboriculture (ISA).
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23 Aug Mulch Matters – So Do it Right!

Mulch can be frustrating. As a tool for nourishing your trees, or dressing up your landscape, you can’t beat it. But, as Charleston tree expert Rawson Services often sees, too much is too much. If you mulch your trees improperly, it ultimately can do more harm than good. Mulch giveth, mulch taketh away.
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